There are 1000's of craft gins, vodkas & rums on the market from across the UK and beyond. Deciding what to choose, where to shop and even, occasionally how much to pour can be a minefield. This blog and my reviews are designed to be your consistent go-to voice for all things craft spirits. I'll work hard scouring across the UK (and even overseas) to bring you stuff you've never seen as well as review the popular trends. And if you've found something I really should know about you can contact me or tag me in a post and I'll be sure to find the maker or purchase myself.

In these articles I'll give you my review out of 5 stars, share with you what I like, love and loathe about everything I try. I taste all of my spirits neat over ice and then mix with a plain tonic. And of course, where I can, I'll bring you discount vouchers and offers so you can sample, sipple and share on a shoestring.

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6th May 2020 - Faith & Sons - Cold Pressed Coffee Gin

The live review of this is on my Facebook page at 20:00 GMT on Wednesday 6th May. Join us on Facebook to watch and then pop back here for the review and sign up to our emails to receive the discount code!  See you there.

The morning after the night before... so last night at 8pm I did the first review of this unusual gin on my facebook page (see here) so here's the summary.

1. Beautiful brand - everything about this bottle from the size, shape, colour, label and overall style screams quality and premium - but in an accessible way, not in an "up itself too exclusive" sort of way. It has a wholesome, down to earth, slightly rustic feel and the gin matches! I don't drink coffee, and so was slightly wary of how this would taste but am pleased to say, it's enjoyable.

2. Clearly Coffee - It definitely has that clear coffee hit, so if you are a coffee lover, you'll love this. I drank it neat over ice first and then added a mixer - not tonic!

3. Mixing it up - After a few different examples, we landed on FeverTree Spiced Apple Ginger Ale! It gave me that slight kick of ginger, sweetness to counter balance the coffee and a nice gentle fizz. The gin itself is sweeter (in a great way, I wouldn't call it sweet!) than I was expecting, making it more palatable than an alcoholic espresso. The smell matches the taste - great for consistency as a customer - we like to know what we're getting!

4. The pour itself - it was thinner in quality than I was expecting, you can see it up close in the video - I guess I thought it may be slightly thicker, darker and more syrup like. It's not as rich as I thought it would be, but on reflection that's a good thing and better for mixing, very nice.

I'd recommend either neat over ice, or with the FeverTree Spiced Apple Ginger Ale.

Overall - I'd give it 3.5 / 5 - I do like it especially with the spicy sweet mixer and ice, as I said, I don't drink coffee - if you do, you'll give this 5* no doubt!

Enjoy and remember if you want the discount code - use SIPANDSHARE on the website.

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Friday 8th May - 7pm - Theodore Pictish Gin & Jaffa Cake Gin

Well this was a tale of too halves. You can see the live reviews for both of these gins from facebook here.

Starting with the Jaffa Cake - well I have to admit I have a sweet tooth, but even I bought this as a bit of a gimmick thinking, "nah no way" but, they delivered. It's really sweet, but it DOES taste of jaffa cakes at the end. More of a party drink with friends (whenever that time returns!) than a sipping alone in the garden drink. But, a positive result. I tasted it neat and with orange tonic, which undoubtedly added to the sweetness, but I felt like, well, go for it and do it properly - but no doubt with a plain skinny tonic it'd also work well. Be prepared for the sugar rush! If chocolate oranges are your thing... 4*

Theodore Pictish Gin - beautiful, floral, classy, rich and strong. A special floral perfume-y gin to drink on your own, with a book, or the headphones in and no-one else around. It isn't subtle, it's confident but smooth and tasty. I was really pleased with this and see this as a gin not for sharing, well, not with my husband anyway. Lovely with a simple tonic, it doesn't need anything adding to it. This feels like a grown up gin that's well worth the money. Beautiful bottle and presentation box too if you can get one with the box. I enjoyed it. 4*.

Wednesday 13th May - 8pm - Cleveland Gin - 'The Lemon One'

Did it. OMG. It's like being punched in the face with a very strong lemon sorbet ice cream and hit with lemons - by far the nicest lemon gin you'll ever get, and i've tried (and did on the live review!) several. So happy with this gin, yes it's £39 but of course it is, it's a small batch premium gin and my god do this distillery know how to make gin. Punchy, smooth, not too sweet, lemon sorbet, lemon verbena and very tasty. You can drink this neat with ice, in the sunshine and a book (both latter points optional!) but it is truly delicious. Rich after taste that lingers, lovely smell, no fake lemons or sugary sweet smell here like you get with some others. I'm in love and no need for me to write any more.

If you like lemons, and not "a hint of" but proper lemon taste - buy this gin!


P.S You can watch the live review here.

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Friday 15th May - 7pm - Faith & Sons - Passionfruit Gin Liquor

Undoubtedly the nicest gin liquors you'll every get.

I ended up taste testing all 3 - Choc & Orange, Rhubarb & Orange, Passionfruit. I couldn't resist. Watch the live here and you'll see.

Each one has a defined taste, flavour and smell. Sweet but not sickly, smooth and exceptionally delicious. If i could give it 6/5 I would. Beautiful neat, with ice and Processo (not the choc one, keep that neat!)

These are delicious and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you buy the set of 3. Remember you get 10% off at the website when you click 'Buy now' and enter 'SIPANDSHARE' at the checkout.

Wednesday 20th May - 8pm - Surrey Copper Distillery Vol 1, 2 & 3

See the live review here.

Well aren't these classy, sophisticated beauties!?

In everything from their look, to their size, bottle style, colouring, font oh yes, and taste. These Volume1, 2 and 3 from The Surrey Copper Distillery Company are a posh treat. These are not your party gins, you save these for people you're out to impress, or of course as a sophisticated treat for yourself!

I was a tiny bit sceptical when I saw volumes 1-3 thinking "really? how different can they be?"... well I was soon put in my place. Each of these 3 gins have their own clear taste, each very different from the other but each carrying their own very sophisticated, rounded, smooth balanced flavour. There's no "hit of flavour" followed by a pang of gin, these are rounded. The love and attention that went into the beautiful branding was clearly representative of the attention to detail paid during the distilling process.

Volume 1 is rich, smoothy, warm and a bit spicy - very grown up and as I described it, the one you'd give to someone who you want to impress and show how sophisticated your palette is.

Volume 2 has all of the balance and sophistication of Volume 1 but I found it lighter, a bit sweeter and more floral, for me more of a summer 'sit outside' gin vs the posh dinner party of Volume 1.

Finally Volume 3 is orange spiced and brings back memories of Christmas, it's the gin you imagine the rich house in the village in Dickens era (who had a bloody good distillery) created and sold to the village people and people flocked from neighbouring towns and even countries to taste - Christmas, rich, smooth, spicy, warm and tasty.

I was very impressed. Well done The Surrey Copper Distillery Company.

Friday 22nd May - 7pm - SP8 Gin

Join me live on the facebook page at 7pm Friday to review these elegant floral beauties.

COMING SOON... Mini review

Having just bought over 50 mini bottles I'll start my mini-reviews on here soon. Let's get the big one's out the way and the mini reviews will start mid-May. I've got gin, rum and vodka to explore... choices choices choices.

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