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Hi, I’m Kate Carney, and I'm on a mission to creation a nation of "sippers". Sippers are enlightened craft spirit lovers who are sipping and sharing their favourite Gins, Vodkas & Rums with the nation!

OK so I'm not a botanical specialist (as you can see from the quotes above), but I own around 200 gins, have been taste testing gin's for the past 2 years and am pretty used to talking about special spirits on camera!

By day I’m a busy, business owner / entrepreneur (cringe phrase I know)
Marketing Consultant and "mummy" to Annabelle & Poppy (plus 3 border terriers) but come the evening and especially the weekend I’m a lover of interesting, special, craft gin and occasionally rum and vodka.

I work hard to seek out different styles, flavours and brands and recently have been asked by a few new brands to taste & review their craft gin products.

But I need you on my squad. Ginbassadors are part of my virtual team sharing their love of special spirits from across the UK. We talk about events, working with distillers and merchandise. It's good fun and if you love gin especially, you'll love it. If you'd like to join the squad and be part of our closed facebook group to help us spread the word about Sip & Share and UK craft spirits, please contact me.

Sip & Share was created as a home for my product and brand commentary and reviews, special offers and exclusives! I'm here to help the small batch, craft spirit distillers find a new audience and share the love of these spirits amongst the sipper community.

See you soon,

Love Kate

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